Horror and Smell

I have a passion for terror movies, which is why I created a blog to share it with my readers. But most of the time, I can’t relate to the anxieties that people feel after watching a good, scary terror movie. Being scared of other things, however, I do understand. In my previous blog post, for example, I told you about my friend who was scared to go down into the deep, dark basement. But I have never told you that sometimes I also feel scared myself. Most of the time is for no apparent reason. Maybe it’s because I watch too many horror movies, or maybe it’s simply part of my and every other human being’s nature.

Terror is experienced through the senses, or to be more precise, all the senses that we as human beings have: visions, hearing, smell, touch, and taste can serve as a source for antagonizing terror. Through vision, you can see something that will stay in your head forever. With your ears, you can hear an unusual noise that might hunt you forever. With your senses of touch and taste, you can feel and taste something soo ugly that your life might change. But how about feeling terror through your smell? Well, maybe horror trough smell cannot be experienced in movies, but in real life, I have felt it myself. This is how it went.

Two weeks ago there was a plumber who came to my house to deal with the water pipes. The moment he entered my house, I felt a strange odor. Later I realized that the smell was a mixture of burning dust and plastic. Not a pleasant smell, that’s for sure. At first, I thought that the smell came from outside. I just opened the door for the plumber and the smell went into my house. I don’t know why at some point I associated the smell with the plumber. There was a strange vibe to him. Or maybe, it was just weird that some stranger entered my house. He fixed what needed to be fixed and left. After he left, the smell left with him. That is until late in the night.

I finished all my daily routines and fell asleep as usual. I was sleeping nice and heavy until, during my sleep, I was woken up by the same smell. The first association that came to my head was that the plumber is back and entered my house uninvited. I knew that this was just my anxiety speaking, but the feeling did not want to leave my mind. I had to outsmart my brain, so I stood up, and went to the kitchen to get me some water. As you can imagine, there was nobody there, but I could not erase the feeling that the plumber was still at my house. After some struggle, I finally fell asleep again. In the morning, I realized that I haven’t changed the filters of my air purifier and that the association my brain made with my nose was such a horrifying experience. So how about that. Have you ever experienced something similar? Hit me up in the comments.