Scary Things in the Basement

Because of my passion for terror, I have created a blog to share the fun. That’s right, I am writing to you about horror movies from a haunted house. You’re not too scared to keep reading this blog, are you? But, like me, you may enjoy being scared to the core. One way is to imagine all sorts of creepy things in the basement. I love that I have one. I had a friend over recently who refused to go down into the deep, dark depths, where terror resides. I, of course, foster the idea to entice him even more. But when he acquiesced, and we were descending the narrow stairs in the dark, suddenly we both heard an inhuman noise.

Not deterred, I continued down to find out the origin. He reluctantly followed. He inched along behind me with trepidation. How foolish he felt when he saw what was at hand: an old gasping water heater, in the throes of hot water production. I laughed out loud as he grimaced in shame. I almost wished it had been a monster. But the old water heater may not be here for long. It may conk out within the year requiring replacement. I hear tell that a tankless system from is the way to go.

My friend and I chilled out looking online for info about this high-tech model. It gets nothing but praise: it is a tad more money but saves on electricity in the long run. In effect, it pays for itself. It is small and easy to store and works like a mini computer to control output for the volume necessary for the day’s use. Every household has its own requirements. How cool.  It is certainly nothing to fear. As my friend began to relax from the “almost fright” he experienced, we contemplated my budget and when to make the exchange. Isn’t that what friends are for?