Wind Walkers - 8 Films to Die For : Release Year - 2015

Overall Rating : 2.5/10

Directed By : Russell Friedenberg

Glen Powell
Zane Holtz
Rudy Youngblood
Johnny Sequoyah

Supplied By : Fox Home Video

Film Reviewed By : Rick L. Blalock

Date Reviewed : November. 4, 2015


A U.S. solider returns home from captivity to find that his best friend and fellow former POW has gone AWOL. While out on an annual hunting trip with his friendís father and some extended family, the group comes under attack by an ancient Native American curse that has mysterious connections to his best friendís heritage and the prison in which the soldiers were once held captive.
In the mythical thriller, WIND WALKERS, it's been 3 weeks since soldier Sean Kotz has returned from his tour of duty in Afghanistan early. He hasn't exactly told anyone the reason as to why. However, nonetheless, Sean joins his friends for their annual hunting trip within the Florida Everglades. Their aim is to hunt big game, however, they are soon hit by a wave of problems once arriving. First it is a nasty hurricane, and next it's an overall sense of paranoia, as the group begins to get wary of Sean, who seems to be suffering from, PTSD. But soon they find that distrust isn't their only problem, because a contagious infection is making the rounds, and also an ancient Native American entity makes its presence felt, as the hunters essentially become the hunted.
Many mythical creatures/spirits exist in Native American folklore, and I guess that the myth of the "Wind Walker" is one of them. At the beginning of the film, an old Indian chief comes on screen to warn of us of the "Wind Walkers", evil Native spirits, which ride quietly along the wind, in order to stealthy possess the bodies of humans. Once claimed, the spirit would then curse the person with an insatiable thirst, and hunger for flesh and blood. It is said that these evil spirits specifically target those whom have invaded foreign land, and the "white man". The myth takes center stage here, as the spirit has seemingly been brought back home by a duo of soldiers, after a tour of duty in Afghanistan. In the film, one of those soldiers. Sean, has returned, and is obviously shaken by something, although he is pretty tight-lipped on details. However, he himself knows that something is not quite right with himself. It all comes to a head during the annual hunting trip in the Everglades, between Sean, and his friends - who are also ex-soldiers. First after a night of partying amongst each other, a storm brings about tension, and it is then, that eventually things reach a breaking point. Sean then later spills the beans about what really occurred overseas. He details that many of his peers, including his close friend, and fellow soldier, Matty(who has since gone missing. His father, is actually on the hunting trip), all came down with an infection - one that was contagious - one which spread. Before long, the group of hunters face the reality of said infection, as it begins to spread amongst their own. And what brought it on you ask? Well, as it turns out, deep within the woods, Matty has returned, and he's not quite himself. He is in fact taken over be the evil Native American spirits that his parents were worried about. The "Wind Walkers".

The concept in itself is intriguing enough here to have made for an entertaining enough story, unfortunately though, the way in which things are handled here, instead make for a long drawn out, chore of a film to sit through. The film is essentially focused on the story of Sean. He comes with some baggage, and so the film feels the need to explain his back-story. It does so with a series of flashbacks, which begin 3 weeks prior than the film's present time. These scenes of the past are intertwined with the times in the present. However, the way that Writer/Director Russell Friedenberg chooses to do so, is sort of disruptive, and at times, difficult to keep track of. As one becomes interested in what is going on, the film seems to always cut to a flashback, flashbacks, that most of the time really throw off the film's flow. It also doesn't help matters that the film itself, is a slow burner. It takes a little over than an hour for anything of note to really happen. The film mostly consists of lots of dialogue, which often has to do with our characters arguing, as well as other unnecessary story elements. Going into WIND WALKERS I wasn't such a fan of films which deal with Native American folklore, and after this, i'm not so sure that my opinion will change.

To sum things up, I felt that WIND WALKERS was too drawn out, with too much filler, and not enough character development. Sure, enough time is spent of the character of Sean Kotz, but what about the others around him? What about his friends? There isn't exactly enough here to suggest that our group are good friends, yet it is to be assumed, I suppose. The end result is just a bunch of characters that could potentially die. And when they do, we couldn't care any less, They come off as being disposable, rather than vital parts of the story.
4/10 A few bloody flesh eating attacks and their subsequent injuries caused. There are also so gunshot wounds.
4/10 Some regular suspense. Most of the background is often filled with some Rock tunes.
When it comes to WIND WALKERS, I just couldn't get into it. While the overall idea is decent, it just takes too long to deliver the goods. Instead we are left with over an hour of an abundance of interaction between uninteresting characters before anything really occurs.


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