Unnatural - 8 Films to Die For : Release Year - 2015

Overall Rating : 3.5/10

Directed By : Hank Braxtan

James Remar (Tales from the Darkside: The Movie)
Sherilyn Fenn (Twin Peaks (TV) )
Ron Carlson
Graham Greene (The Twilight Saga: New Moon)

Supplied By : Fox Home Video

Film Reviewed By : Rick L. Blalock

Date Reviewed : November. 2, 2015


A morally ambiguous corporation experiments with genetic modification, resulting in the advent of a bloodthirsty man-hunting creature. When the creature escapes, a group of unsuspecting Alaskan natives and their inexperienced guests, which includes a high-maintenance celebrity photographer and a pair of models, becomes prey for the abomination in a horrifying game of cat and mouse.
In the film, UNNATURAL, Clobirch Industries is a scientific group who says that they are dedicated to monitoring climate change, and ensuring the survival of several endangered species, however, they are up to much more. As it turns out, they have been running experiments, which include the genetic modifying of animals. The secret comes to light, when one of those animals, a Polar Bear, which has been modified with the DNA of a Wolf, escapes the lab, and goes on the warpath. The animal heads to a lodge called the Black Rabbit lodge, where a group of hunters have just welcomed a photographer named Brooking, and his models, who have come to the icy slopes of Alaska, for a wilderness themed photoshoot. Of course, it doesn't end well, when the seemingly unstoppable, and vicious bear, goes on the attack, taking down anyone that comes within his path. If the group has any hope for survival, it looks to come down to Martin Nakos, the lodge's seasoned survivalist hunter. But even he may not stand a chance.

After an hiatus, After Dark's Horror Fest, and the "8 Films to Die for". have returned for another round of films, which are now being distributed by FOX(they were formerly distributed by LIONSGATE). With that said, of the 8 films, the first film that we have decided to check out is the Creature Feature, UNNATURAL, a film which was Directed by Hank Braxtan.

UNNATURAL is a Creature Feature, which is not unlike many we have seen before. While the creature in question here happens to be a Polar Bear, which is something that we don't always see, the way things get to the chaotic point, is something that is really familiar. It's because UNNATURAL deals with a scientific group, who is a little crooked. In the film, Clobirch Industries, led by Victor Clobirch, hasn't exactly been truthful. In fact, instead of just testing on endangered species, they have been modifying them, and the results are dangerous, and deadly. These types of scientific groups have been common place in Creature Features for years, within the way that films present their plots. It's no different here. So in knowing this, while watching, I hoped that the film would have at least something else that was more interesting to rely on. Unfortunately, this doesn't come by way of the film's characters, because aside from James Remar's "Martin Nakos" character, all of them are mostly annoying. They are the types of characters that the viewers never connect with. We never care about them, so why should we care if they live or die? In fact, the sooner they do die the better. In a film like this one, the thing that should never happen, is that the viewer actually root for people to die. But this isn't any more true, than when it comes to Ron Carlson's "Brooking". Brooking in the film, is the photographer who has come to the lodge for a photoshoot. He is all things rude, obnoxious, and arrogant. And man, is he annoying. He is just the type of asshole that you hope dies, and dies fast. All of the other characters are just empty and uninteresting. Nothing about them stand out. Even the presence of the always beautiful Sherilyn Fenn can't help make things more interesting. Truth be told, I am a big fan of Fenn, but here, her character is just poorly developed. As one of Clobirch's lead scientists, her character. Dr. Hannah Lindval should be more interesting than she is here. In reality, she really is no different than the others, even though she carries scientific credentials(the only thing that her character provides to the film, is the big "reveal", which explains what it is exactly that Clobirch did to the bear). Her scientific position, has absolutely no effect on the film's outcome. Because of this, Hannah Lindval could have just been another victim in the film with any odd job or characteristic. As I said, the only character of merit here is Remar's hunter character, "Martin Nakos". Even though Nakos, too is of the cookie cutter variety of character, at least his toughness provides UNNATURAL with some sort of fun. The film's final showdown between he, and the genetically modified Polar bear, I will say, is somewhat fun.

When it comes down to it, UNNATURAL is essentially just another Creature Feature. One without anything unique to set it apart from countless others. It's predictable, and neither does its creature. or its characters. do anything to make it more interesting at any point. I will give it some credit, and say that some of the bear brutality, and action is fun, and nicely shot. Unfortunately though, those moments are too far, and few between, to really influence the outcome of the film as a whole.
2/10 Some blood is seen here and there as a result of the film's multiple bear attacks.
3.5/10 The score in UNNATURAL is your typical Action/Adventure type stuff.
I will be reviewing all of 8 films in this year's series, and I sincerely hope that this is not a sign of things to come. They have to at least be a little better than this one. To sum things up in a sentence, UNNATURAL is basically a routine SYFY CHANNEL film that has been given a little boost by being under the "8 Films to Die For" banner. It's no different than what you see on said channel on a weekly basis. Bland story, accompanied by bland characters, with only a little credit to be given to its somewhat decent action and special effects.


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