Unearthed (After Dark Horrorfest - 2007) : Release Year - 2007

Overall Rating : 2/10

Directed By : Matthew Leutwyler

Emmanuelle Vaugier (SAW II)
Luke Goss (Hellboy II: The Golden Army)
Beau Garrett (Turistas)
Charlie Murphy (Roll Bounce)

Supplied By : Lionsgate Films

Film Reviewed By : Rick L. Blalock

Date Reviewed : April. 1, 2008


Unearthed tells the story of a vicious creature that’s been trapped for 900 years and gets unearthed during an archeological dig in the middle of a desolate town. As the carnage escalates, the local sheriff and a group of stranded civilians must find a way to destroy the creature that only has one mission – complete annihilation.
In UNEARTHED, terror falls upon a small, secluded New Mexico town and it's alcoholic Sherriff Annie Flynn. Annie is called to the scene of an accident, in which an oil tanker is overturned, the driver was killed, but whomever or what ever left some evidence behind, that prompts Annie to have it examined by Nodin, the towns plant expert. Seeing as her expertise is strictly limited to botany, she doesn't quite know what it is, but she knows one thing - it's genetic makeup is not of this world. Other incidents occur, such as the brutal slaughter of a local man's cows, Annie and the rest of the locals see it as more than just a coincidence, and that no animal is responsible - Well they're right. It turns out that what's responsible is some kind of ancient creature, that some 900 years ago wiped out an entire Native American tribe on the very land in which it has been unearthed.

Who wants to see the same plot that has been used over and over again spare the addition of some alien looking creature? I know I don't. Unfortunately, that is exactly what UNEARTHED is. In my opinion, there really is no plot, let's see, the creature causes a wreck, which causes a tanker truck to turn over in the middle of the road. The said tanker was carrying the only shipment of fuel for the town - which also blocks off the road making it impossible to come and go. With no way out and no gas for refills, are characters are basically left with only one option, to fight back - and that's all it is, the creature stalking and killing them one by one for the film's duration. There is very little back-story to our main character, Sherriff Annie Flynn, all we really know about her is that she drinks a lot, and she is haunted by a painful memory, one of which that is revealed over time via flashback-like sequences. To tell you the truth, I still haven't figured out what the flashbacks meant, other than that, there is nothing else here that validates Annie as being a Sherriff, she just really doesn't seem like the tough type. The same goes for the other supporting characters, again, little development is found for them, making it seem that their only purpose for being there is to be killed off.

I know I always go on and on about how bad SCI-FI CHANNEL movies are, when reviewing them. Most are bad, but eventually, if you get lucky some are actually decent. After viewing this, i'd say that UNEARTHED should've took up residency on the SCI FI CHANNEL instead of getting the limited theatrical treatment that it didn't deserve with Horrorfest, as you can most definitely go and rent a direct-to-DVD release at anytime that is far better than this one.

As some people have said, there isn't much that I could say about this film that hasn't been said. Maybe it could've been a better film had it had better characters and a few twists here and there instead of the same thing for an entire film, in all honesty it gets pretty boring. The film as a generic idea all the way through, it doesn't even carry it's own individuality, not even it's creature, which essentially resembles a cross between the creature in Alien and Pumpkinhead. Who knows, maybe the two mated somewhere down the line?
2.5/10 A decapitation and a few body parts are severed, almost all of it happens in dark lighting, making it hard to see.
2/10 The typical suspense stuff, honestly I don't remember much of it.
When I reviewed LAKE DEAD from Horrorfest, I said that without seeing all of them yet, that it was probably the worse of the 2007 installment of films. Well, I guess I spoke too soon as we have a new winner in the form of UNEARTHED, which is a far cry of what Director Matthew Leutwyler's debut film DEAD AND BREAKFAST was. UNEARTHED concludes my coverage of the After Dark Horrorfest for 2007, and I have to say that the 2006 fest was far better as a whole in my opinion,.

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