They Will Outlive Us All : Release Year - 2013

Overall Rating : 7/10

Directed By : Patrick Shearer

Jessi Gotta
Nat Cassidy
Alyssa Simon
Gavin Starr Kendall

Supplied By : Wild Eye Releasing

Film Reviewed By : Rick L. Blalock

Date Reviewed : August. 12, 2015


New York City has been devastated by a series of 'Frankenstorms,' food is scarce and all the bridges and tunnels are closed. In this post-apocalyptic city, roommates Margot and Daniel are bracing themselves for not only the next storm, but for something much more gruesome and undead - something growing right inside their apartment building. Can they survive each other long enough to stop it?
Taking place in the year 2016, THEY WILL OUTLIVE US ALL, centers around two roommates, Margot and Daniel. Margot and Daniel live in a dilapidated Brooklyn apartment building, which of course, seen better days. After enduring the onslaught that was hurricane "Sandy", New York has been hit with a flurry of hurricane storms in the last 5 years. 13 to be exact. As a result, the world outside the building, is a much different place. And with the fact, that there has been a shortage of water and food, along with hurdles such as the closing of bridges and tunnels, the two roommates have felt pretty content with staying inside, smoking pot, drinking alcohol, and kicking back and watching Horror flicks. It has now become their way of everyday life. However when another one of their neighbors, Mark, dies under mysterious circumstances, it's more than enough to cause them concern. Because after all, he happens to be not one, but the third tenant to mysteriously die in recent months. Knowing this, curiosity eventually gets the better of them, as Margot and Daniel decide to search around for the cause of these seemingly related deaths. What they find is quite startling. A scenario, which involves both people in a zombified state, as well as giant mutant cockroaches.

Going into THEY WILL OUTLIVE US ALL, a film directed by Patrick Shearer, and written by star Jessi Gotta, I knew little about it. All I knew is that my good friend James DePaolo had reviewed it prior(as his blurb is seen prominently on the DVD cover art). In his comment, James compares the film to both EVIL DEAD 2 and CABIN FEVER. When it comes to those two films, honestly speaking, I am only familiar with one of them. Seeing as I have never been a fan of the franchise, when speaking of the original EVIL DEAD films, I have only seen the first film(shocking....I know. But it's true.). However, I have seen CABIN FEVER numerous times, so going into this film, I thought, how bad could it be?

As it turns out, while James is my buddy and all, he couldn't be any more wrong about the CABIN FEVER bit. Because, as it turns out, THEY WILL OUTLIVE US ALL, is nothing like CABIN FEVER. What, just because the two characters find themselves holed up in an apartment building, much in the way that the characters in that film, were in the cabin? It's hardly enough. But what THEY WILL OUTLIVE US ALL is on its own, is a low budget Horror comedy, that is pretty confident in itself. It knows its limits, knows what it has to work with, and stays within the lines, so to speak, and doesn't try too hard, when trying to make an impression. With the film, we find two roommates, who live in a world, in which everything is scarce, even food and, even more so water. A series of brutal storms have wiped out the essentials, and many tunnels and bridges have been closed, in fear of further impending doom. It is deparate times in New York, so it's a little surprising to find the two in such high spirits(key word being, "high".). It's because they have been forced to settle into a rather lazy lifestyle. However, as the film moves along, Margot and Daniel find their world rocked, after the most recent death within the complex, shakes things up. They have no idea how their neighbor, Mark has died, or better yet, the two other tenants before him. Could the water be contaminated? They are unsure. However, things take a strange turn when they pay a visit to their landlord, Ian, who is in a rather bizarre state of being. Almost zombie-like, Ian is unresponsive and on "auto-pilot". It's indeed strange. However, that is not all, as it seems as if the zombie outbreak is spreading, and is caused by a body infestation of giant mutated cockroaches.

Our first look at the super roaches, comes to us, when Margot and Daniel are surprised to come face with a roach of unheard of proportions, and it is a highlight for sure. While I am not entirely sure how the roaches in the film were created, they look, act, and move in the same manner in which effects were achieved in films such as Rolfe Kenesky's THERE'S NOTHING OUT THERE and Brett Piper's BITE ME, so they are very stop motion animation like. Fortunately, as also with those films, the rather low end effects found in THEY WILL OUTLIVE US ALL actually work in it's favor. Because of the offbeat and funny nature of the film, which is already well established by the time we see the first cockroach creature grace the screen, the low budget nature of the effects, seamlessly blend well with the film's other aspects. And of course aiding them, are a pair of very good performances by the film's two leads.

Writer/star Jessi Gotta ("Margot"), and Nat Cassidy ("Daniel"), work well together. During the film, we are never really quite sure about these two characters. Are, they lovers? Just friends, or what? We are not sure. But one thing that we do know, is that the two of them are close. This is definitely attributed to the believable bond that the actors, who are portraying the characters, are able to create. Both Margot and Daniel are two very likable people, who come off as being a bit nerdy, geeky, or what have you. They are very easy to enjoy for these 74 minutes. They keep things fun via witty dialogue, which has been sharply penned by Gotta. For a low budget film, if your budget can't afford you nice props and/or effects(not saying that the effects seen here aren't good. They are.), well, then you better bring it with the dialogue. Fortunately, THEY WILL OUTLIVE US ALL does and by its wit, and humor, it is able to keep things fresh and fun for the most part.

So, in the end, yes THEY WILL OUTLIVE US ALL is a micro budget film, but it's not micro minded. Though the film is small, has a limited cast, of basically two people, and it takes place in one setting, it is still able to deliver a plot that is both fun, and high spirited. Sure, there probably should have been more roach action, but as is, the film manages to still be a pretty fun experience overall.
2/10 While the film doesn't offer a lot in terms of true gore, there is some imagery found within, that could be considered morbid or disturbing. Such as a roach crawling out of Ian's body, or the one that makes it's way out of Margot's mouth at one point. Other than that, there's a bloody mouth wound, and not much else.
5.5/10 THEY WILL OUTLIVE US ALL's score ranges from low key and ominous, to upbeat and fun. For a soundtrack that is wide range, it works well in the film.
Because of it's smaller budget, THEY WILL OUTLIVE US ALL is a film that is a little limited, however, it does well with what it does have, which is a decent story, and great characters. It makes up for what it doesn't have with heavy use of dialogue. Luckily for us however, it's enjoyable to listen to, as many of the exchanges from the film's two characters, are packed full of wit and humor. Give this one a shot, it's pretty fun.


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