Tarzeena : Queen of Kong Island : Release Year - 2008

Overall Rating : 3.5/10

Directed By : Fred Olen Ray

Christine Nguyen (Super Ninja Doll)
Nicole Sheridan (Super Ninja Doll)
Alexandre Boisvert (Bikini Girls from the Lost Planet)
Evan Stone (Bikini Girls from the Lost Planet)

Supplied By : Infinity Entertainment Group/Retromedia Entertainment

Film Reviewed By : Rick L. Blalock

Date Reviewed : August. 6, 2008


Then there’s jiggle in the jungle as Tarzeena, undisputed queen of Kong Island, swings into action and rules an untamed world with her loyal gorilla Tabonga by her side. Join the adventure of a lifetime as a group of intrepid explorers searches for our heroine. Elsewhere on the island, the evil Dr. Mortimer has perfected a radio brain control device that he schemes to insert into Tarzeena’s head, creating a love slave to do his every bidding.
The story behind TARZEENA : QUEEN OF KONG ISLAND is that shortly after her wealthy Uncle's funeral, Mandy learns that she has earned a huge inheritance from him, but his lawyer states that there is an obstacle in the way. It seems as if Mandy's Uncle Milton had a son named Bradley(Milton-Bradley....get it?), and that Bradley and his daughter have been missing for some time. The lawyer says that it ia believed that the two were lost when their plane crashed on a uncharted island known as Kong Island. Mandy and his husband Ted learn that in order to gain the wealth left behind by the Uncle, they must go to the mysterious island to try to locate Bradly and his Daughter Tarzeena. By legend it is that Tarzeena survived the crash and lives on the island and among the wild life and the jungle. When they get there, Mandy, Ted and Jed Slater the Lawyer, and their jungle guide Jack Carver, find and confirm that Tarzeena is indeed Bradley's Daughter, and that according to her, he father had parished in the crash. With the case involving the inheritance virtually solved, Mandy and Ted decide to head home, but ever that plan doesn't go off without a hitch. When the islands local madman scientist kidnaps Tarzeena's trusty pet Gorilla Tabonga, and inserts a computer chip in it's brain to render it under his control, the scientist uses Tabonga to kidnap the jungle woman, Tarzeena. It is up to the rest of the group to rescue Tarzeena before some evil experiments are performed on her.

Well, yesterday I reviewed another film with the same Director and virtually the same cast called SUPER NINJA DOLL that I did happen to find fun. This one has a pretty basic set up as I explained it above. The story is really simple but the goal of the film is clear, and that is that they came up with a little something to have a plausible reason for having a beautiful young woman in a loin cloth bikini, run around in a jungle. But the thing is, all we get to know of the title character is that she's a supposed legend on this island named Kong island. When the rest of the characters arrive on the said island, not much does go on. Sure there are the sex scenes, but between those and the various clips of stock footage that the film uses, there's truly not much more to keep us intersted. Before seeing this film, I imagined that Tarzeena would be this sort of warrior jungle woman. But the truth is, sadly, Tarzeena does little of anything, which makes the whole thing seem pointless. Sure, the previous film, SUPER NINJA DOLL was of the same brand of entertainment, but at least it had a unique concept, and the sets and cheesy effects, actually worked it it's favor....and it also felt as if more effort went into the making of it. In TARZEENA : QUEEN OF KONG ISLAND's case I couldn't hekp but see it as a more lethargic and lazy effort, and the number one sign for me is the use of so much stock footage of various wildlife(for instance, when our characters are hiking in the woods, they'll point, and then it'll cut to a stock shot of a Bobcat or whatever. It happens so frequently that it gets lame after awhile. There is also a use of miniatures, that made me think of FOOD OF THE GODS(except here, the effects work is not as horrid), this didn't bother me nearly as much. As for everything else, the look of the film is basically on par with SUPER NINJA DOLL, as we have both the same Cinematographer and Director(I think all of the Fred Olen Ray related stuff may be the same case). This is also the case with the cast, as most from SUPER NINJA DOLL are here featured in the main roles. Featured here is again Nicole Sheridan as "Mandy", this time she is joined in a main role by her real life husband Alexdre "Voodoo" Boisvert as "Ted". The main characters are rounded out by Christina Nguyen(again in the title role) as Tarzeena, and Evan Stone as the kind of self-centered jungle guide. Jack Carver. The acting here by all is nearly the same as in SUPER NINJA DOLL except for this time I didn't find the dialogue nor the performances as humorous/

Overall the film has a very thin plot that starts out with a basic plot, but later on in the film, it seems as if there is no longer a plot that it is following....it turns out to just be your average late night sexcapade and not anymore special than that.
3/10 Generic sounding jungle/adventure music.
As I said, I had some fun with SUPER NINJA DOLL, and was expecting to have the same here with TARZEENA, however the story just wasn't as interesting as I had hoped. I expected to receive some kind of sexy jungle hero in the character of "Tarzeena", but instead what I got was an action-less commoner whom enjoyed sex just like everyone else. I'd say check out HOLLYWOOD CHAINSAW HOOKERS or SUPER NINJA DOLL instead.

This DVD will be released on September 5, 2008

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