The Sitter (Unrated) : Release Year - 2007

Overall Rating : 4/10

Directed By : Russell Mulcahy

William R. Moses (Wicked)
Gail O'Grady (American Dreams (TV) )
Mariana Klaveno

Supplied By : Genius Products

Film Reviewed By : Rick L. Blalock

Date Reviewed : May. 22, 2008


When prosperous California Couple Carter an Meghan search for the perfect nanny, they believe they've found their answer in sweet Abby Reed. But no sooner does she arrive than she begins to arouse suspicion in friends and neighbors who, one by one, start dying. By the time Meghan looks deeper into her past, it's too late. Abby's work has already begun.
In THE SITTER, a couple whom is down on their luck, Carter and Meghan, decide it's time to work more hours, so they can provide for their 2 children, Max and Casey. So with that in mind they start looking for a Babysitter online, and it isn't long before one of them arrives at their doorstep. Abby Reed is he name, she's young, vibrant, and seems eager to start her new job - so the Eastman family quickly move her in. At first she does not mesh well with the new family, and the kids hate her. But after warming up to them, Abby is seen by them as being ideal and cannot do wrong. Nut little do they know...Abby is hiding something....her mentally disturbed side. Ahe begins to be aggressively protective of the children all while isolating Meghan from her own family. During this time she also expresses her love for Carter, who wants no part of her. Abby's fantasy and obsession, as well as Carter's rejection causes Abbey to go mentally overboard, to a point where she'll do anything to get what she wants.

Doesn't the above plot sound familiar? Well that's because it is. THE SITTER is not original by no means, as it borrows from just about every other "crazy woman gone" wild film imaginable, from likes of THE GLASS HOUSE, to the film that it mostly resembles, THE HAND THAT ROCKS THE CRADLE. The list is endless of just how many films with this similar plot exist out there. THE SITTER is just a film that has been made collecting all of the cliques from films past, and utilizing them all in one movie. Not to say that THE SITTER isn't an ok movie, but before you even pop this in you player you can very well predict what will happen in this film. Let's see, a mysterious woman enters the house of 2 gullible people, claiming to be a reputable Babysitter. She moves in a basically becomes part of the family, and before long the mentally disturbed mew roommate starts to grow attached to the children as well as their father and of course she'll stop at nothing until she has them.

I have watched a lot of made-for-TV thrillers just as this one, and when trying to judge them it's not so easy. because we know it isn't going to be up to par with a bigger budget flick, and that they aren't always originals to themselves, and has I noted above, this film tends to borrow a lot from the more well known films. So how do you be fair when writing a review for these types of films, the one's that are almost identical to films in which you have already seen?

But I will say, that beneath it's obvious plot. the firm does have a good look, along with some very good acting, acting that is good enough to keep you watching, whether you may or may not know the outcome or not. Mariana Klaveno, who stars as the evil Babysitter Abby Reed, was just fantastic! She gets right into character, and it looks and feels natural to the audience, I loved how she sort of gave the character a seamlessly "on and off switch" without ever losing her composure. One minute she's devilish, the next minute, she's least to those around her.

With all of this said, there's really not much more I could say about THE SITTER. Vengeful Babysitters movies are a true case of that old saying "once you've seen one, you've seen them all". because, basically it's true as they basically deal with the same plot point, right down to the film's "shocking" twist climax......and yes, THE SITTER has one. As you could have guessed. it isn't so shocking.
3/10 A head is bashed in with a shovel, one is electrocuted via a television being thrown in the bath tub, and a suffocation
2/10 Pretty generic and low key scoring, to be honest I hardly remember it
THE SITTER is not really a bad movie, it just has the unlucky break of being late script-wise, because everything you see here has already been played out in many different ways prior. Sadly it's like watching a remake of something you have already seen, and it tends to get boring after awhile.

This DVD will be released on June 17, 2008