Scream: The TV Series - The Complete Fouth Season : Release Year - 2010

Overall Rating : 6/10

Willa Fitzgerald (Alpha House (TV) )
Bex Taylor-Claus (The Killing (TV) )
Carlson Young
John Karna
Tracy Middendorf

Supplied By : Anchor Bay Entertainment

Film Reviewed By : Rick L. Blalock

Date Reviewed : April. 30, 2016


What starts as a YouTube video going viral, soon leads to problems for the teenagers of Lakewood and serves as the catalyst for a murder that opens up a window to the town's troubled past.
In SCREAM: THE TV SERIES, the town of Lakewood is sent into a frenzy as an elusive stalks and kills Lakewood's teens. And it all started with online video that went viral. The video is one that captured an intimate moment between the teenage Audrey and her girlfriend Rachel. It was recorded by Ninia Patterson, and her exclusive clique and posted online. It didn't take long for news of the video to spread, which meant immediate humiliation for Audrey, and Rachel among the Lakewood High student body. However, soon everything takes a shocking turn, when Nina, the one responsible for the incriminating video turns up dead shortly after. As the Police, which includes Sheriff Clark Hudson, scramble to find those responsible, the teens of Lakewood, struggle with the shock. But before this shock can fully set in, another teen turns up dead - it's Heather. From there, a pattern soon emerges and unfolds, and after awhile, and with more teens dying, Lakewood's dark history comes to the surface, when it appears that the killer, whomever they are, has a link to one, Brandon James. Years ago, James was a resident of Lakewood, who endured lots of torment, as he was badly disfigured. James was not social, but he did confide in his next door neighbor, "Daisy". It is a friendship that Daisy kept secret, as to not encounter her own ridicule. Things would eventually end in tragedy, while Brandon James, who was known to wear a corrective surgical mask, was gunned down. This following after James had slain a few of his tormentors. Now in the present day, those familiar with the story, ponder the possibility of Brandon James coming back for revenge. Because after all, the killer does don a mask, which is identical to the mask that had been specially made for James. But, could it be true that James didn't actually die on that faithful night, and that he is indeed back, or could it simply be a copycat? Or better yet, is it someone who may have relative ties to Brandon? Whatever the case may be, one Lakewood student, Emma Duval and her friends find themselves right in the middle of the blood-soaked speculation.

Here, MTV does for the popular film series, SCREAM. what it had done years prior when they launched the TV version of TEEN WOLF. This series takes the general idea behind the property, that we all know, and gives it, it's own spin. However, this time around, much more liberty has been taken. This is a difficult on to classify. That is because, although the famous name is attached, and the show is self aware(as were the films), as well as having the elusive killer utilize a voice changer, the similarities end there. To be honest, in my opinion, SCREAM : THE TV SERIES is much more similar to TV's PRETTY LITTLE LIARS than to the SCREAM films. Like PRETTY LITTLE LIARS, SCREAM : THE TV SERIES (at least initially revolves around a town secret, when a mysterious killer emerges, and terrorizes said town(with a small group being their primary target - but not limited to). The mystery here. as to the identity of the killer. is also very much like the aforementioned show. With it already having a similar counterpart, the one thing that would help to set SCREAM : THE TV SERIES apart would be a surprising amount of gore. and it's self aware comedy. As said, SCREAM : THE TV SERIES is self aware. Movies, TV shows, and even Authors like Stephen King, exist in its world. Sometimes this is beneficial to certain scenes, but then there are also times that the show just seems to be trying too hard to be "hip" The constant mentions of .gif files, and phone apps, start too feel a little too upfront as we get the impression that the show is trying to make sure that we know that it is set very much in the present. But beyond all of this, credit must be given as it is able to keep its progression going and it's mystery alive, making it an, although similar, worthwhile watch. Like any "whodunit" Slasher film mystery, SCREAM : THE TV SERIES, is able to keep a lid on just who the killer is, up until the season's episode 10 finale. A finale that completely redeems the show, when it comes to being its own entity. I personally enjoyed the finale's big reveal, when we finally learn the killer's identity, and discover that it should have been obvious - but wasn't. Throughout this 10 episode run, it could have been anyone, as the season eventually comes to an end, in grand, Slasher film fashion. It is an ending with a feeling of closure, but not so much. Because you just know that there's a catch. There is just no way that the story would end so cleanly. And that notion turns out to be correct, as the series leaves us with one final wink, as to say there is more to come. One of the best things that SCREAM: THE TV SERIES has going for it at the moment, is that there is no clear cut indication as to where the second season will take us. Because here, a big part of the story has already concluded.

I went into viewing this series with in mind that it had some big shoes to fill. Even bigger shoes than the TEEN WOLF series had with its film counterpart. Because lets think about it, SCREAM, the film, was one that rejuvenated a stalled Horror sub-genre. In the present day, things are pretty much the same when it comes to Horror, TV, and otherwise(I mean, we do have shows like BATES MOTEL, and PRETTY LITTLE LIARS), the Horror land is pretty barren. So does SCREAM: THE SERIES repeat history? No, not really. As I said, it is still very much like a lot of other things. But overall, it is still very watchable, as there is still a faint resemblance to the SCREAM series of films, here and there. While it lacks originality, oddly enough it it is that same familiarity that makes the show, for the most part, enjoyable. That and maybe for the fact that I really like the series' lead, Willa Fitzgerald a great deal.

Fitzgerald is essentially the series' "Sydney Prescott". Here, she is "Emma Duvall", a high school student, who, before its said and done, finds herself in the thick of the action. Over the course of the season we learn that Emma has closer ties to Lakewood killer, Brandon James, than once thought. Not only was her mother, "Maggie", once the object of Brandon's affection, as it is revealed, their relationship might have gone much further. I felt that Fitzgerald here, held up her end of the bargain, as she creates in Emma, a strong, and determined female lead. Not to mention that, she is just gorgeous to look at. No matter if this show catches on with you or not, one thing is for certain, that you might want to watch it, if only to see her. Not only is she a sight, she is a great actress, as well. The rest of the cast also as a few other key character portrayals, such as Bex Taylor-Claus' "Audrey Jensen", and, "Noah Foster", as portrayed by John Karna. There are also some key appearances by older cast members as well, like Tacy Middendorf, as Emma's mom, "Maggie", and Jason Wiles, who is Sheriff Clark Hudson(who is also the father of "Kieran"[played by Amadeus Serafini]), who along with some additional characters, round things out.

Overall, the first season of SCREAM: THE TV SERIES is one that is sort of difficult to get into at first, simply for the fact that, one expects it to be along the same lines as the films. As we find here, the show differs a great deal, while somehow retaining some of that "SCREAM flavor", if you will. It's difficult to explain, but once you view the show, it's easy to pick apart. But on the plus side, a good thing is that, the series only gets better as it progresses. Yes, once everything is settled in, SCREAM : THE TV SERIES takes shape, and finally plays out in a pleasant way.

SCREAM : THE TV SERIES - THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON arrives as a 3 DVD set. With the first 2 discs secure on a double sided flipper, and the third disc secured along the case's back panel. The case is a standard black DVD case, which has an embossed slipcover included.

Special Features include :

- Gag Reel
- Deleted Scenes
- Promotional Gallery


As I said, personally, I found that it took awhile to get off the ground, but soon after, SCREAM : THE SERIES ended up being somewhat enjoyable. However, with that said, It could be better. With the season ending in even more mystery than before, we could only hope that it will be in the season that follows.

SCREAM : THE TV SERIES - THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON will be released on DVD on May 10, 2016

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