Rotten Shaolin Zombies : Release Year - 2004

Overall Rating : 3/10

Directed By : Blaine Wasylkiw

Wilson Wong
Wil Yee
Anders J. Svensson
Paul Marshall

Supplied By : Dancing Monkey Productions

Film Reviewed By : Rick Blalock


Two brothers, the best of friends, devout martial artists, inseperable. One fateful sushi dinner would forever change the nature of their relationship and send them on a crash course to death and destruction. Thinking his dear brother has been killed by the toxic venom of the live dirty lungfish that tore out his eye, Lone Brother trudges through life, wondering how he will ever be able to continue on all alone. Little does he know his brother has returned to walk the earth as the undead, pissed off and craving human flesh. The stage is set for an epic battle where brother must face brother, zombie versus the living, with the fate of the world hanging in the balance!
This film is a weird one to say the least, as of right now that's all I can use to describe it. The film obviously is not one to be taken seriously at all as it feels more like a spoof. Comical at times?...yes but most of the comedy was not all that amusing to me all the time, some of it was just too silly. This film is literally about a young man whom, when dining out with his brother at a sushi bar, he gets attacked by a rabid dirty lung fish, a fish that feasts on the young man's eye. This attack results in his death and a few days later he reemerges as the living dead, who has a craving for human flesh. The only man that may stop him is his friend and brother who witnessed his demise at that dreaded sushi bar.

The acting brought forth in this short film was not the greatest, but they were trying obviously and sometimes maybe a little too hard. When the one brother died in the ridiculous manner in which he did, although it was ridiculous the other brother should've acted as though it WAS serious....but instead we get an uninspiring grieving performance by Wil Yee. When the audience is supposed to be feeling one brother's such as this scene as they should, I couldn't help but laugh hysterically. On another note you can clearly see that there is a string attached to the fish when it is flying and even before it does. I'm not sure if that was intended or not...

On to the fight scenes, well they are not the best in the world either. While watching these 2 men kick each other around, I was thinking to myself "do these guys even know a damn thing about Martial Arts?" It looked to me, to be thrown all together all too quickly.

The absolute best thing about this short was the incredible make-up effects, it has some very good effects... For a low budget flick such as this one you rarely find make-up as good and imaginative has ROTTEN SHAOLIN ZOMBIES has. The make up plus the cinematography at least make this film a pleasure to look at.

I have a feeling that this movie was made out of pure fun and maybe for the love of old Kung-Fu flicks... to me this movie was ok, it manages to get a few laughs out of me, but not all the time.
5/10 Here we have some very good gore such as a decapitation, arm dismemberment and a ripping out of one's spine.... all of this is done pretty well!
3/10 I'm not really a big fan of the film's soundtrack, I do like the self produced opener a bit however.
6/10 The special features are really good, they include many featurettes: such as the making of....make-up effects and action sequences Also coupled with these are a gag reel. The featurettes are really cool and informative to the viewer especially the one that targets Make-Up and Special Effects
As I previously mentioned in the review, this film is somewhat enjoyable and Ok, it is definitely not something you'd want to watch everyday. I'd recommend this short only when you are in the happy go-luckiest of moods, some may like this more than I did... that decision is up to you my friends!