Pulse 3 : Release Year - 2008

Overall Rating : 3/10

Directed By : Joel Soisson

Brittany Finamore(Silent Night Deadly Night (2009) )
Rider Strong (Cabin Fever)
Noureen DeWulf (Killer Pad)
Thomas Merdis (The Greenskeeper)

Supplied By : Dimension Films

Film Reviewed By : Rick L. Blalock

Date Reviewed : January. 9, 2009


Nearly a decade after the terrifying events of Pulse 2 the dead still walk the earth -- having entered our realm through electronic devices. Justine, raised with her fellow human refugees in the remote no-tech survivor camp, is now a 17-year old girl who dreams of the world they've left behind. When an abandoned laptop links her to a mysterious outside caller, Justine risks everything to see if life has resumed back in the forbidden city.
In PULSE 3, it's been a decade since a young Justine, now 17 years of age, lost her parents to the evil technology plague that nearly wiped out the planet. Now living in a refugee camp with a foster family, Justine dreams of nothing but a normal teenage life, but the world around her seems to be at a standstill. With the plagues history, all forms of technology has been banned, so when Justine finds an abandoned laptop, she's all the more intrigued to use it. As she turns the computer on, she receives an Instant Message from a guy named Adam, who is looking for someone else. The two strike up a conversation, and it isn't long until the Mysterious Adam persuades the young girl to come to where he is, which is Houston Texas - which means she would have to return to the ill-fated city, she had her family once left behind. As she treks across land in her journey to locate Adam, she encounters a number of problems, including a not-so--sane cotton farmer, and an insane techie....not to mention vengeful spirits whom all tell her to "find Adam". When she finally reaches her destination, she finds that it's not all that she had hoped, and that the plague my be on the verge of spreading once again.

Ok, so when I reviewed PULSE 2 a couple months ago, I proclaimed it one of the worst films I had seen in a while, let alone 2008 as a whole. I really disliked that film, and thought it was one of the most sloppiest films I had ever seen, it had a bunch of choppy CGI, no story at all and some really lackluster acting....I truly got nothing out of it. So when word got to me about yet another sequel, PULSE 3, I had little desire to see it, let alone review it for the site. But as you can see, I gave in and watched it, and to my surprise, I got a film that was much improved over PULSE 2. But I stress the word "much" there, because it's not THAT much. But with PULSE 3, we have a much better story this time around. Unlike with the last film that seemed rushed and written on-the-fly, PULSE 3, although shot back-to-back with PULSE 2, seems as if this film had more time to plan. It's as if the second film was just made as filler so that they could get to the story that is told in this film. In the ever-so-boring PULSE 2, it seemed that all there was to do was listen to boring dialogue and look at the most CGI work we'd ever seen. In this film, there are still the CGI backdrops sometimes, but there is also a story that actually keeps things moving instead of stalling to an agonizing pace. But that's not to say that this story is anything special. I have never been a fan of PULSE's format in the first place....the whole technology horror thing isn't that appealing to me....however I don't mind the WHEN A STRANGER CALLS movies(although those are not exactly the same type).

What keeps this film even remotely interesting is a very good performance by the film's lead actress, Brittany Finamore as Justine. I have never seen Finamore prior to this, but understand that she has made quite a few TV appearances, but the good news is that she's got a few Horror projects coming up, including this year's much anticipated remake of the Christmas Horror classic, SILENT NIGHT DEADLY NIGHT. The character of the now Teenage Justine(a continuation of the character from PULSE 2), makes for a far more interesting story, than a cast full of grumpy adults, that's for sure. But as I said the film's overall plot, while decent, still does not offer a worthy conclusion in my opinion. At the beginning of this film, we are greeted with a message that tells us that this "is the beginning of the end" which I am guessing, means the end of the Americanized PULSE series. Even though this film showed us a little improvement over the last, it's still not a very good film, and ends in a bad way, so in all honesty, I hope this would be the true ending to the series.
1/10 Just some blood splatter.....technically not much to see.
2.5/10 Mostly some light ambiances....not much.
Honestly, when I first heard the news of PULSE 3, I immediately expected to hate it, but although it isn't too great, it's still some kind of improvement on the last sequel. After this I don't see the series going any further, as it has already began not making sense, so I hope this will be the last in the series. As I said, this isn't great but, if you want to see an absolutely horrible film make even a little improvement on itself, see it if you are so inclined.

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