One Eyed Girl (Blu-Ray) : Release Year - 2014

Overall Rating : 7/10

Directed By : Nick Matthews

Steve Le Marquard
Mark Leonard Winter
Tilda Cobham-Hervey
Sara West

Supplied By : Dark Sky Films

Film Reviewed By : Rick L. Blalock

Date Reviewed : December. 7, 2015


Travis, a young psychiatrist, is haunted by the suicide of one of his patients. On the brink of a nervous breakdown, Travis meets Grace, a representative of a secret church that promises salvation to even the most troubled of its members. Intrigued by both the alluring Grace and the possibility of redemption, Travis joins the church and meets its leader, the charismatic Father Jay. At first skeptical, Travis eventually is indoctrinated into the church's sometimes radical practices and becomes a believer in the utopian world Father Jay promises to provide. But when a series of tragedies befalls Father Jay and his flock, Travis and his fellow members trust is shaken to its core. Now Travis must decide if his loyalty truly lies with Father Jay, the ever-elusive Grace, or himself.
In the film, ONE EYE GIRL, Travis is a young Psychiatrist, whom after the death of one of his patients, Rachel, has fallen on rough times. Seeing as he had an intimate and close relationship with Rachel, he blames himself for her suicide. No matter how much he tries however, he cannot keep his sanity from cracking. And it is on the verge of a nervous breakdown, that he finds what he initially believes may be a solution to his problems. He finds his way into a secret Church, led by the mysterious Father Jay. At the church, Jay and the others, who, themselves face troubles of their own, teach members to deal with their individual problems in a variety of unorthodox ways. And it is this strange way of doing things, that Travis is first put off by the church, enough to abruptly leave. However, after nearly overdosing on prescription painkillers the very same night, Travis finds himself back at the church, when it is they who save him from certain death. However, this time his experience with Father Jay's church is much different. This time around, Travis takes to their lifestyle, and life choices, and even takes a liking to Jay's beautiful assistant, Grace. Everything seemingly goes well, as Travis undergoes numerous daily exercises, both mentally and psychically, as Father Jay looks to change him with his unique practices. However, while in the woods one afternoon, Travis sees something, that would change things forever. The event collapses the once quiet church, as things become both chaotic and deadly, with Travis soon realizing that there may be no way to turn back.

The title for the film, "One Eyed Girl", is derived from one of the teachings of one "Father Jay". In it, he teaches his followers that one day a "One Eyed Girl", would rule(or something like that). So in a nutshell, that should give you some kind of feel, as to what kind of group of people that we are dealing with here. While they do label themselves a church, what they truly are is a cult. Initially, everything is sort of peachy, yet eventually, it's slowly revealed that this so called church, isn't exactly on the straight and narrow. But I can't say that we are exactly surprised, as almost from the beginning, we sense that something is a little off about this leader, and his group of followers. But while the reveal, is no surprise here, the way in which the film progresses from there makes viewing the film worth while.

The good thing about ONE EYED GIRL is that there is lots of character development. It takes its time to flesh out its characters, especially when it comes to Travis, and when it gives us time to observe the atmosphere of the church and all that it entails. But with that, comes with it, a slow pace, that slows down things bit. It's not until an hour into the film, that things really begin to take off. But on the other hand, when it reaches this, point, things remain that way, as the film gets more and more tense as it progresses, making the wait worth it. It is also during the rather intense moments that the viewer finally begins to realize just how deep, and dark, ONE EYED GIRL truly is. The film does has its jolting moments, and as the film eventually comes to a close, it has an overall feeling of accomplishment.

I'd have to say that a big part of this comes from the film's acting. The cast does great, this includes Mark Leonard Winter as Travis, and Steven Marquand as "Father Jay" Winter does a great job in presenting his character, Travis, a character whose sanity seems to slowly wither, right before our eyes. At first we are not sure of how bad his state of being is, but near the end, the evolving of Winter's performance, makes it clear to us. Travis is a bit of a sympathetic character. On the other side is Steve Le Marquand as Father John. John, from what we learn about him, is an Army Vet. He's the type of person that you know is full of it, but at the same time, it is clear to see why people flock to him. He's really persuasive with his words. Le Marquand does great in making the character believable, i'd say. The other performance of note is Tilda Cobham-Hervey, who as Grace, is able to hide the character's fragile state, behid to facade of being Father John's, sort of peaceful assistant. However, when things go down bad, the frailness emerges, in which Cobham-Hervey, is able to convey via a nice performance.

All together, while ONE EYED GIRL is a film that got off to a rather, slow, but developing pace, I have to say that I pretty much enjoyed it. It has a very strong finish, as the film as a whole is a slowly building, both enjoyable downward spiral of occurrences.

As for the discs special features there is series of featurettes which document the making of; Cast, Music, and Production, as well as a couple more detail 2 select scenes in the film.
3/10 Some gunshot wounds.
5.5/10 The score heard in ONE EYE GIRL, is mostly of suspense and atmosphere.
Well, as I said, ONE EYED GIRL is a film that gets off to a slow start, however luckily things do become better. It is one of those film's where you get the sense that something big will happen. But while others often fail to deliver, thankfully this one does. I personally felt that the conclusion of the film was really strong, as the film makes a nice impression in the end. While i'll say that i'm not quite sure of the film's replay value, I will say that it is definitely worth a watch.

This film will be released on Blu-Ray and DVD on December 8, 2015


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