Kill, Granny, Kill! : Release Year - 2014

Overall Rating : 7/10

Directed By : Jacob Ennis

Donna Swenson
TJ Pack
Alicia M. Clark
Ronica Jones

Supplied By : Alternative Cinema/Bloody Earth Films

Film Reviewed By : Rick L. Blalock

Date Reviewed : September. 29, 2015


Answering an in-home help ad for an elderly woman, Abby Daniels leaves family and friends for a remote farmhouse in the country. But all is not as it seems with her fluffy employer, whose locked doors and cellar seem to be hiding some unusual hobbies. Soon Abby is plunged into a nightmare of hellish proportions - pitted against a clan of ruthless, amoral and degenerate flesh-eaters lead by their murderous GRANNY!
In the Slasher film, KILL, GRANNY, KILL! Senior Citizen, Mildred Mays is on the lookout for a new caregiver, after her old attendant disappeared via mysterious circumstances. She finds a new one in Abby Douglas, a young woman, who answers Mildred's personal ad, as seen on an online listing. As a part of the job description, Abby is to move into Mildred's home, but not without first agreeing to follow a few rules set by the Senior. Rules which include; not disrupting her TV time, and agreeing to have Mildred prepare all of the meals. But the most strict rule of all, is that there is to be absolutely no fornication at all - as the God-fearing Mildred does not believe in such before marriage, as she is strictly, "by the book". Initially, all goes well with the job for Abby, but eventually, things, of course go sour, when Abby fails to live by the rules. Of course, this angers Mildred, as well as her grandson Jace - who just so happens to have developed feelings for Granny's new live-in attendant. Abby's sacrilegious actions, in turn uncover Mildred's deep dark secret. All through her small Kentucky town, Mildred has gained quite the reputation as being a fantastic cook, and there is a reason for that, as all of her recipes contain only the best "meats" available. With the Grandmother's secret now exposed, will Abby be able to successfully escape, or well she end up like the others? Just another course on a dinner plate.

Back in 2009, I reviewed Writer/Director Jacob Ennis' torture thriller, STASH. Despite having my initial reservations about what to expect for that film. I remember that I kind of enjoyed the film, which was about weed, moonshine, and ultimately, torture. I also took note that, despite having a small budget, the film was put together quite nicely. Ennis followed up STASH, with the cannibal family Horror, RED RIVER. RED RIVER was a film that I was unable to review at the time of its release. I was supposed to, I was down for it. But it never came. So, because of that, I was only able to see RED RIVER just a few days ago, as I prepared to review this film. In short, I will say that I just didn't like RED RIVER as well I did STASH, previously. While there was plenty of gore showcased in RED RIVER, it just felt like an idea, instead of a film as a whole. It lacked anything that resembled a real plot, and the cannibal family featured, as with many of the like-minded films, just felt like a rehash from THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE(in this case CHAINSAW 3 especially). So, in leaving RED RIVER, I hoped that with KILL, GRANNY, KILL!, i'd find a film that was, at least, better assembled.

As it turns out, with KILL, GRANNY, KILL, I got just what I wished for. In fact, I feel that it surpasses STASH in just about every way. My reviewing of this film came about in a Facebook comment discussion regarding the new Theatrical release, THE VISIT, in which that film was compared to the late '80s video Cult classic, GRANDMOTHER'S HOUSE. Jacob happened to chime in, mentioning this film, and how it could be an alternative. With that, i'm glad that I took the chance to go back and review this film that I missed on its release back in April. Like the aforementioned GRANDMOTHER'S HOUSE from 1989, KILL, GRANNY, KILL! possesses similar qualities. Although the film was shot on digital, it is in the same, gem sort of quality of that you would have likely found back in the day on video shelves. It even boasts attractive cover art that is bound to attract your attention. Something that is sadly missing from most of today's releases - even within the straight to video market. This time around, the plot is much more realized, the characters are fun, as is the film's offbeat dark humor. In the film, Mildred Mays, seems to be your typical, nice little old lady on the surface of things, but in reality, she is anything but. She takes a liking to both killing, and cooking, but the thing is that, the ingredients that go into her dishes, are anything but ordinary. It's predictable in that the meat that she uses in her "fixin's", which her grandson Jace helps her collect, come from the bodies of dead victims. But the good thing is, that what is not so much predictable, is the way in which the whole aspect is played up. You know that the dead bodies are used in various foods, but you just never know what kind of dish Granny will cook up next. Making an appearance, or at least mentioned are tasty things such as; a rack of ribs, pork rhines, a pot pie, and headcheese. Yes, all made of human flesh, and other body parts(not to mention, penis sausage. yes, penis sausage). All of it is just a lot of fun to take in and enjoy. And if that's not enough, one also finds great joy in that, Granny Mildred also spouts a few choice one-liners as she kills, in the vein of cinema's most classic villains.

In terms of the performances in the film, no the cast you will find here, are not the most seasoned. In fact, many of the cast members have very little experience, if any at all. But within the context of the story and film, everyone works out well. Due to the low budget nature of the film, the off beat deliveries, as well as actions, only work to amp up the film's enjoyable cheese factor, that much further. I specifically, felt that the honest, inexperienced manner in which Donna Swenson, who portrays the film's killer, "Mildred Mays", delivered her lines, made things more believable. Yes, even for a film such as this one. Where other films might polish the dialogue to no end, here, it appears both raw and honest. And with all things considered it very well. The other performances, honestly are serviceable enough to support the cause. However the true fun relies on the presence of the Mildred Mays character, and her even more outrageous actions. Over the years, there have been a number og geriatric killers portrayed in film, and personally I feel that each have been memorable in their own way. KILL, GRANNY, KILL!'s Mildred, in that respect is no different.

While Ennis' previous film had an abundance of the "red stuff", gone was real story. Here with KILL, GRANNY, KILL, Ennis returns to full form, providing us not only with story, and gore, but with laughs as well(There is also a flashback scene, which displays style as well). I enjoyed this one for what it is, and feel that many others might as well. Just as long as they don't over-analyze things.
5.5/10 There are various gore gags to be found here, and again, considering the budget they look pretty good. There are things such as skull impalement via deer antlers, a severed head, a severed penis, a skull/body bashed in with an axe, and other instances of blood spatter.
6/10 The score for KILL, GRANNY KILL is an old school, often low key, thematic score, relying on both theme and atmosphere. I liked it.
KILL, GRANNY KILL!, is one of those films that won't be for everyone. It's aimed at a particular audience, an audience that is used to the trials and tribulations of the low budget Horror film. Most of the people who make up this audience, know what they're getting into well before they go into a film like this. That is the right mindset to have going into this one, because if you know what it is exactly you are getting here, you might find that KILL, GRANNY KILL! is actually a pretty entertaining, and funny little flick. I know I did! Yes, it may not be perfect in all aspects, but it is fun. I recommend.


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