The Green Inferno (Blu-Ray) : Release Year - 2013

Overall Rating : 6/10

Directed By : Eli Roth

Lorenza Izzo (Knock Knock)
Ariel Levy (The Stranger (2014) )
Daryl Sabara (Spy Kids: All the Time in the World)
Kirby Bliss Blanton (Project X)

Supplied By : Universal Studios

Film Reviewed By : Rick L. Blalock

Date Reviewed : December. 29, 2015


From acclaimed horror director, Eli Roth, The Green Inferno follows New York college student Justine, who meets a student activist Alejandro when he goes on a hunger strike on behalf of underpaid janitors. Smitten, Justine agrees to help Alejandro undertake his next project: to save the Amazon. Justine soon learns to regret her decision when their plane crashes in the Peruvian jungle and the students discover that they are not alone, and that no good deed goes unpunished as they are held captive by a cannibalistic tribe.
In the film, THE GREEN INFERO, Justine, is a New York college student, who joins a student activist grout called "ACT". ACT, which stands for "Activist Change Team", is led by the charismatic Alejandro. Upon joining the fold, Justine, whose father is a Lawyer for the United Nations, learns of a forthcoming plan. Alejandro and the others plan to make their way to the Peruvian Amazon, where an industry group is currently, clearing the land, and its inhabitants as they drill for natural gas. Of course their plan is to infiltrate said operation, and document it, by broadcasting their footage on the internet. It's a plan that, on the surface seems simple enough, However, they'd soon learn that the task is a lot easier said than done. Justine and the group make it to their destination, but after a hostile confrontation with the military group assigned to patrol the land, are sent packing, thankfully with no charges brought upon them. But their troubles do not end there. Because soon, the small airline, in which they board is sent crashing down into the amazon below. Some parish in the crash, but for those who did, not, they'd soon wish they had, as those who remain are soon captured by the same "Yajes" tribe which they were attempting to protect. The group become subject to multiple acts of cannibalism and torture as the ordeal plays out, with many of them not making it out alive. But for those who manage to remain(namely Justine), they must dare to hope and pray for a way to escape the green inferno of the Amazon.

THE GREEN INFERNO, heard of it? If you are a Horror fan, then chances are you have, seeing as it's a film that seemed to have a reputation long before anyone had even seen it. In fact, the film was so "controversial", that it wasn't released until 2 years after it was completed. Yes, held back, So, why? Why was it held back? That was the question had by all. And now that I have seen it, I still cannot answer that question. Is it the graphic violence within? Is it a political thing? I'm not too sure, because honestly it isn't THAT bad. When it comes to the controversy, it all is just over-hyped. Just because a film dares to push the boundaries of the norm, giving us something that we don't always see, doesn't mean it's controversial. I mean, yes it would be to those who are uptight, but for some of us? Not hardly.

Going into THE GREEN INFERNO, I knew it was going to be over-hyped. The media and everything portrays this film as dark and cautionary, yet in reality, THE GREEN INFERNO is pure B-Movie. Yes, for those not accustomed to watching B-Movie exploitation regularly, it may shock. But for those of us used to it, we've been there and done that. Pure and simple, THE GREEN INFERNO is essentially a product of a cannibalism film fanboy(Eli Roth), having fun, as he delivers a love letter to the films which he enjoys. It is a film that is modeled after films such as the Italian EATEN ALIVE, and CANNIBAL FEROX, the types of films that I have never seen, so I won't pretend to know anything about. But what I do know, is that THE GREEN INFERNO is a film that is somewhat fun. Not because it's highly suspenseful, or highly graphic(it's more of the latter than the other). but because it's silly, and gratuitous.

This is a film that those who have been critical of it, have taken far too seriously. Because in reality, it should not be a film that one treats as being such. Most of the film is just silly, sometimes sloppy fun. But with that said, it's a film whose first half is better than its last. THE GREEN INFERNO starts off a fun B-Movie experience, but then there are those moments that are just too ridiculous, even for the B-Movie nature of it all. For example, there's a scene in which one in the group is subjected to explosive diarrhea and is forced to take a shit outside the cage in which everyone is being held captive. And then there's another instance in which the group seemingly outsmarts the Yajes tribe by drugging them with marijuana stuffed down the throat of a corpse, so that when they fried up the body, they got high. I mean, what the fuck? That stuff is slapstick, and really doesn't go with the rest of the film. It is moments like this that bring the film down a little in the end.

In terms of the acting in the film, all is not bad by the ensemble cast. For the most part, the majority of the film's characters are merely required to exibit fear, while on the other end, those portraying members of the Yajes tribe, are required to look creepy, and be scary. On that, all do well. The only character really meant to stand out, is of course the "Justine" character. played by Lorenza Izzo. In the film, she's the quiet college Freshman whom reluctantly joins the activist group, only to wish she hadn't later, when she gets into some deep trouble in the Amazon. She's meant to standout, and due to Izzo's performance and likability, she does. In the end, we are convinced that should anyone be able to escape the clutches of the Yajes tribe, it would be Justine. I really like Lorenza Izzo, and it is clear as to why Roth has had her come back for multiple projects. She's a decent up and coming Actress, and is infectiously adorable, I have to say.

So to sum up THE GREEN INFERNO, it's not as controversial, or as "bad as "they" want you to believe it is. It's also not a great film, per se, But while it's not great, it's decent enough fun, I suppose, minus those moments that seem to come completely out of left field. It tries to be as effective as those it emulates, but the truth is, it just isn't. Yes, although I have never seen those films, some imagery from them is legendary. I really didn't see any iconic stuff here. But still, it's somewhat fun, for what it's worth.
7/10 Multiple impalements, and bodies torn apart, as well as parts extracted. The film also have several acts of cannibalism, as well as multiple instances of blood. including attempted female circumcision.
6/10 The score is a mix of action/adventure and suspense.
Going into THE GREEN INFERNO, I didn't expect a great film. There just seemed to be too much hype for that. But while I was right, it actually isn't as bad as I imagined it to be. In fact, I somewhat enjoyed it. Sure some of the comedy bits thrown in there were a little too much, but for the most part this film is just silly fun. Again, this shouldn't be treated as a serious film. If you are able to just go with it, it's actually not bad.

Special Features include :
- Photo Gallery
- Feature Commentary with Co-Writer/Director/Producer Eli Roth, Producer Nicolas Lopez, and Stars Lorenza Izzo, Aaron Burns, Kirby Bliss Blanton, and Daryl Sabara

This film is available on Video on Demand now, and will be released in a Blu-Ray/DVD/UltraViolet combo pack on January 5, 2016


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