Fever Night aka Band of Satanic Outsiders : Release Year - 2009

Overall Rating : 5.5/10

Directed By : Jordan Harris, Andrew Schrader

Peter Tullio
Philip Marlatt
Melanie Rose Wilson
Michael Q. Schmidt

Supplied By : Bad People Motion Pictures

Film Reviewed By : Rick L. Blalock

Date Reviewed : November. 18, 2009


Three young Satanists, Terry, Elliot, and Warren, perform an obscure ritual deep in the forest. Terry may or may not be dead after an accident freeing Warren's car from the mud. Elliot and Warren decide to follow a distant light in hopes of finding help. But the ritual has changed things. After witnessing unexplained bird explosions and unusual tree behavior, Elliot and Warren find themselves pursued by the most heinous of Satanic manifestations.
In FEVER NIGHT AKA BAND OF SATANIC OUTSIDERS, there young Satanists; Warren, Elliot and Terry grab a few things at the local story and head out into the woods late at night. They plan to go to the distant woods apparently for a night of Devil worship among other things they probably shouldn't be doing in the first place. This assumption appears to be correct, because after performing a ritual on these grounds things begin to go drastically wrong for the three of them, their car gets stuck in the mud - and while trying to get it out, Terry is accidentally ran over. Thinking that she may be dead, both Elliot and Warren eventually decide to search for help by following a bright light that is seen in the distance. The deeper that the boys trek into the woods and come closer to the light, the stranger things get. such as the discovery of birds that have exploded, and trees that are miraculously alive, among other things they find are weird animal skulls, and oh yeah, Satan himself...in many forms. Despite their worship, Satan doesn't seem unhappy, and seems to hold the key to their fates, will they escape this hellish realm, or were they in fact doomed from the start?

In most cases, I know a little bit about the films in which I am reviewing before I see them, but in the case of FEVER NIGHT I knew very little. I did view the promo trailer for this film, but even that barely shed any light on the actual plot, so to sum it up, I went into this film not know what would come out of it. To be honest, now after finishing this film called FEVER NIGHT AKA BAND OF SATANIC OUTSIDERS, I am not sure how to translate what I saw into words, as it is like a weird hallucinogenic acid trip that get's stranger by the minute.....you're not to sure about what's going on most of the time, but at least the film looks good.

The film seemingly starts off as your typical teen Horror flick, the stereotypical friends, the stereotypical woods and satanic ritual, you get the picture. When Terry is run over and the two males are left stranded in the woods, with no means of transportation or communication, along with the light that, is discovered, FEVER NIGHT looked as if it were set up to eventually become, possibly a dark and disturbing mystery, but soon the film makes a drastic shift in it's mood, as before long, it's as if Warren and Elliot have stepped directly into a psychedelic hell, something you would never have guessed to see from the film's initial moments. The film uses a bulk of CGI created scenes and imagery, to create a plethora of things "otherworldly", and once we join our characters in this alternate reality, things aren't so clear anymore, you don't quite know what's going on, but hey at least it looks good.

Here, we only get about half of a plot, because most of what we had is ultimately lost when substance takes a backseat to style. But if one overly positive thing can be said about FEVER NIGHT, it should be said that FEVER NIGHT is an impressive film visually. When it comes to abundant CGI use in films, I am usually against it, but I don't mind it when it doesn't become blatantly obvious - there are a few questionable scenes here and there, but for the most part, it was very visually appealing. With that said, it's really an accomplishment when putting Directors Schrader and Harris', budget in perspective, for a film that had a limited cast, a crew consisting of only three people, not to mention that the entire film was lit by portable work lamps, I was surprised to find that this film is one of the best looking independent features that I have seen in awhile.

As I mentioned, trying to review a film such as FEVER NIGHT AKA BAND OF SATANIC OUTSIDERS can be quite difficult Seeing that the film is both confusing and unconventional, it's difficult to decide just what it is that I judge it upon. The directing and editing here are amazing for it's budget, and very rarely do you see so much detail poured into a low budgeted project such as this, but when it comes to overall plot, eventually it's story is lost in all of the confusion that the film generates. I am glad that the film chooses to be far different from your generic Horror film, but I believe, that had the same effort been put into the film's overall story as was the visuals this could've been a much better film than it already is.
3/10 Not really heavy or gore. however I do remember a bloody nose, broken ankle and a well executed, shotgun blast to the face.
5.5/10 The film's soundtrack was a fitting one, consisting of indie, to heavier rock.
FEVER NIGHT AKA BAND OF SATANIC OUTSIDERS is a solid debut for this pair of filmmakers, a team in which I hope to see more of in the future. This is visual movie to say the least, as the visual effects and editing are top notch, even at the shoestring budget level, But when it comes to the story that the film is trying to deliver, I found the majority of it to be incoherent, with no real revolve in the end....at least one we can understand clearly, anyway. There are reasons to love it and reasons to hate it, but no real reason as to why you shouldn't give this film a shot.

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