Ejecta (Blu-Ray) : Release Year - 2014

Overall Rating : 5/10

Directed By : Chad Archibald, Matt Wiele

Julian Richings (Cube)
Lisa Houle (Pontypool)
Adam Seybold (Exit Humanity)
Mark Gibson (Monster Brawl)

Supplied By : IFC Midnight/Scream! Factory

Film Reviewed By : Rick L. Blalock

Date Reviewed : August. 18, 2015


A horrific alien invasion forces two men to fight for their lives during one universe-altering night of terror. This nerve-shredding film stars Julian Richings (Cube, X-Men: The Last Stand) in a tour-de-force performance as William Cassidy, a man who, following decades of frightening extraterrestrial encounters, is now trapped in a living hell of fear and paranoia. On the evening of a massive solar flare, Cassidy invites paranormal researcher Joe Sullivan (Adam Seybold, Exit Humanity) to his secluded home in the woods. What occurs there will change both men and possibly the Earth forever. Lisa Houle (Pontypool) and Dee Wallace (The Howling) also star.
In the film, EJECTA, William Cassidy is a man, who says that he has had many experiences with the extraterrestrial- most notably, when he was abducted by an alien lifeforms 39 years ago. By his account, they landed in his back yard, and proceeded to control his mind with some sort of unearthly power. Since then, William swears that he has not been the same - as if something, or some-thing is inside of him. The film picks up when Joe Sullivan, a documentary filmmaker is invited by William, to he secluded house in the woods, on the eve of what appears to be an impending solar storm. However, William suggests that it will be something much bigger, something called a Coronal Mass Ejection. This is when a solar flare blasts through the Earth's atmosphere, which would clause numerous problems, including a worldwide blackout and halts in transportation and so forth. He believes that such events would be the gateway for extraterrestrial activity, and that, "they" would use the opportunity, in order to return to Earth, and possibly finish what they started with him. Joe, initially seems to just be along for the ride, to capitalize on the exploitative nature of William's rather bizarre tales. However, as the night continues, it turns out that crazy old William Cassidy, couldn't have been more correct in his theories, as something out of the ordinary, does occur. It is an occurrence that could very well threaten their lives, as well as the lives of all mankind.

EJECTA is an alien abduction film that was co-directed by Matt Wiele and Chad Archibald. And like many films of the like, it portrays a scenario, in which aliens crash land on Earth, and proceed to inhabit it. While we have had many films of this sort, EJECTA is at least credited with trying to go about the whole thing in a different way. Mixing styles together, the film presents itself in a way that is unique. On one hand, there's the documentary, point-of-view style on display as the documentarian shoots William, as he tells his story - and then, what would happen later. But then there is the more standardized style of film making, as we are shown footage, that is intertwined with Joe Sullivan's story. It is footage, that shows William, apprehended by what we come to believe is some kind of scientific group. They are trying to get information out of William about his extraterrestrial experiences, as they appear to be willing to stop at nothing, to get him to disclose it. So essentially what we have here, is two different stories, which run simultaneously. It's a very nice approach, especially, since we initially know very little about the storyline involving the scientific group. We are unsure if what we are seeing is in the past or if it is in the present. For most of the film, we are led to believe that the story with William captured, is a past event, and that the documentary footage is in the present- tense. However, as the film progresses, the lines are blurred even further, in an unexpected turn of events. Honestly, the inter-cutting of the two sides of the story, at times, is a little confusing, however, the clever way in which the film eventually forms, makes the film worth our time. Also the film is further aided by the fact that the viewer isn't quite sure what to suspect,

With that in mind, I feel that EJECTA works best if one goes into it knowing as little about it as possible. When I went into the film, I literally knew nothing about it. Prior to seeing the film, I hadn't even seen the film's trailer, in fact, when I requested it for review, I had misten it for a film that had been made sometime in the '80s(obviously, I was wrong). What fuels this film is the audience's not knowing what's to come. While I don't see EJECTA as a film, that warrants repeat viewings, as then, we know what's going to happen. It is one worth a blind viewing, as it makes a rather decent impression the first time around.

So to sum things up : EJECTA is a film that I give credit to for at least trying to be unique in it's approach, as it combines two different styles of film, into one. However, it is one not without its flaws. As I said, sometimes, it's a little confusing, and also, there are times which the film's pacing kind of lags, and as far as acting goes, Actor Julian Richings, carries the brunt of the load alone. But, overall, EJECTA ends up being an ok film. As for the release itself, there are no special features included, however, the film, both looks, and sounds great.
3.5/10 A burnt corpse, some gunshot wound, a blood head-crushing.
5.5/10 EJECTA has a decent electronic score, which really adds to the film's scientific atmosphere.
As I said, EJECTA is a film that is just ok overall. While I did enjoy its way of storytelling, there weren't many other things beyond the "William Cassidy" character and his subsequent torture, that kept my undivided attention. While we do see an alien near the film's end, we never catch a glimpse of one in action during the earlier portions of the film, as every thing is fed to us via the POV of the alien. While the tension is there, it's just too routine. Because, how many of these kinds of film's have we seen, post-THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT? Lots of them. But still, I say give it a look. It's at least worth a watch.


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