Death-Scort Service : Release Year - 2015

Overall Rating : 8/10

Directed By : Sean Donohue

Krystal Pixie Adams (Die Die Delta Pi)
Amethist Young
Bailey Paige
Cayt Feinics

Supplied By : The Sleaze Box

Film Reviewed By : Rick L. Blalock

Date Reviewed : October. 20, 2015


In an everyday town, a group of local up and coming escorts become targets for murder! A deranged slasher is on the loose and out for revenge in this blood-soaked tale about prostitutes who fall victim to a mysterious killer.
In the film, DEATH-SCORT SERVICE, Michelle and her friends are what you'd call, "ladies of the night", as they work as hookers to pay the bills. There isn't a day that passes that at least one of them, receives a call from a "John". Things seem to be going good for them, and everything is pretty routine, that is, until things take a pretty dark turn, as it appears that someone is stalking and killing hookers in the Las Vegas area. Calling and wishing to remain anonymous, the killer reels in victims one by one. The girls unknowingly walk right into the killer's trap, as they kill, and kill again, in a variety of brutal ways. Taking with them, after each murder, a piece of each victim as a "souvenir". As girls continue to be slaughtered by the anonymous killer. Michelle and her friends find that they are not immune from the killer's onslaught, in fact, when it comes down to it, it appears that Michelle might be the only one left within her circle of friends. When Michelle catches wind of the active killer, both she and a friend, Gwen, try to trap the killer by setting them up, however, the killer seems to be one step ahead. As the anonymous killer aims to claim its next 2 victims, Michelle and Gwen must try to fight for their lives. Can it be done? Or is the killers lust for payback and bloodshed, just too insatiable?

It should be known by now, that I love a good low budget film, with respectable looking gore. But the thing is, I just never go out searching for them - they usually somehow make their way to me. The reason? Well, it's just because I have both seen and reviewed a lot of bad low budget films in my time, that it has made me somewhat jaded when it comes to the whole thing. Almost every time, I just assume that a film will be bad, so I never bother to check them out on my own time. But then, there are times when a low budget film comes a long and completely surprises me on all levels. Director Sean Donohue's latest film, DEATH-SCORT SERVICE, is one such film. And going back to what I said about low budget films finding me, DEATH-SCORT SERVICE came up on my radar, as per recommendation of one of my very good friends, James DePaolo of Wicked James said that I just had to check this film out. Now, if you should know anything about me and James, know that me and James disagree a lot about films, and the reasons always vary. So, when I requested DEATH-SCORT SERVICE for review, I really had no idea how I would feel about the film. But in the case of DEATH-SCORT SERVICE, I have to give it to James, and say that he was absolutely right about this one.

Plain and simple, this film is great. Low budget or not, it is an all around, solid film. Yes, it's rough exterior, and unhindered nature won't be for fans of mainstream cinema. But for the crowd who love this types of films, those who "get them", will find that this is a most excellent achievement in sleaze cinema. Yes, it has the look and feel of a low budget film. It's both gritty and cheap at times, but at the same time, DEATH-SCORT SERVICE, has the vision and awareness that about 90% of these types of films lack. Most of these kinds of films believe that they can get by on lots of gore alone. with the "as long as you pile on gore, who needs a story?" type of mentality. This type of thinking, has given us lots of terrible films for decades now. But with DEATH-SCORT, it is something different. Because, not only to we get plenty of killer(no pun intended) practical effects, there is also a well thought out story in the midst of it all. For the first time viewer, it might seem initially that DEATH-SCORT SERVICE will head in that familiar territory, in which it is all gore, but little do we know that we are being set up for something much better. The film builds up its killer in the film, by creating a mysterious air about them. Throughout the film, we never see their face, and when we hear a voice, it is disguised. The script takes great care in concealing both the killer's identity and motive. Throughout the film we see the killer constructing something with the parts retrieved from the victims. Not knowing what. This keeps things mysterious and fun. And as far as the film's big reveal in the end.? While it isn't original by no means, I found that the spin that writers, Donohue, and Chris Woods, put on the old classic shock ending, was refreshing, as it seemed to fit. Again, it isn't always that you get a nicely crafted story from a gore film like this one. But with DEATH-SCORT SERVICE that is what you have.

Despite not knowing what I would get from this from film, I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised by DEATH-SCORT SERVICE. I liked it for a lot for a number of reasons. It has the flare of a 1980s shot on video classic, the grittiness, and uninhibited nudity(both male and female. Showing what most films, outside of Adult, won't) of the grindhouse, and the elements, such as eye catching gore, and plot twists of the best films of the Slasher era. All of which make DEATH-SCORT SERVICE a really impressive, old school, Horror experience.
8/10 As I said, DEATH-SCORT SERVICE sports some really great practical effects, courtesy of Sean Donohue, Marcus Koch, and Shelby McIntyre. Such things include; stab wound, a disembowelment, severed limbs, a drill to the back of one's skull, extracted eyes, rape by barbwire baseball bat, a clever to one's head, and a couple of bloody chainsaw attacks. Great looking effects for the budget.
7/10 Also great is the film's score by, Toshiyuki Hiraoka, who taps into into the film's sleazy vibe, via electronic scoring, to give the film a classic feel. I really liked it as well.
DEATH-SCORT SERVICE is a classic example, of why one should probably never judge a book by its cover. Because after all, how good could a film titled DEATH-SCORT SERVICE possibly be? As it turns out, quite good actually. The film is well rounded, complete with a nicely constructed story, with plenty of gore(and nudity) to spare. There's a lot to love here, and I think that fans of this kind of stuff, will enjoy it. I know I did. Pick this one up at The Sleaze Box!


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