Dead Life : Release Year - 2005

Overall Rating : 1/10

Directed By : William Victor Schotten

Michael Hanton
Ashleigh Holeman
Dominic Koulianos

Supplied By : 4th Floor Pictures

Film Reviewed By : Rick Blalock


A deadly virus called Necrotizing Faceitis M is running rampant through Midwest America killing the living and reviving the dead. Life changes quickly for Maxx and his friends as survival becomes a struggle. The group is consumed one by one as Maxx prepares for his final face off with the walking dead.
Wow, this film was nothing more than a rip off of every zombie film before it. There is nothing new nor inventive about DEAD LIFE. The story is about a town that is come over with a virus that infects the towns citizens, the one hope or is it? Is a group of partnered friends, as they set out to rid the town of all things zombie.

Does this plot sound familiar? Sure it does, we've all heard this same tired and beat story countless amount of times. Of course we've heard these stories a million times through the eyes of the REAL zombie genius George A. Romero. Personally I hope that Mr. . Romero never sees this film....why? Because it could cause him brain damage (no pun intended) and we may never see another film from him ever again! This film is so horribly shot that when I went to take stills to add to this page they were incredibly hard to get. The look of it is pure nausea, it's all shaky throughout the film and I challenge any viewer to keep their lunch down after this one.

This film is just something else I mean it made me want to take a nap and if I wasn't obligated, if this wasn't my job I would've just ditched it after the first 30 minutes. This movie has nothing to keep you interested in it. Everything you see in this film can be seen in a better sense if you just went ahead and popped in the 'ol DAWN OF THE DEAD DVD....classic or remake for that matter. The acting in this is so bad, I begin to wonder where they got these people from... and what made the acting even more worse was the fact that the audio was also horrendous. And the main focus of the film which are the zombies, all I will say is...picture your mom and dad painted purple, and there you have it!

In my eyes, this film achieves not a single thing, it has been beaten to the punch by all of the previous Zombie efforts, therefore leaving this with nothing to survive on...
3/10 this film has an average amount of cheese gore.....the kill scenes look really amateurish.
4/10 The music is the best part of the film, it is better than the whole movie itself....tons of death metal
2/10 a lame look at behind the scenes stuff it looks to be shot in the same Super 8 format that was used for the film so you know it's annoying as well.
Well this film was bad, it's another one of those classic, "The box art is better than the movie" situations. This cover looked great, I wish the movie did....I am a film Promotional Artist as well as a reviewer, and I will never begin to understand why so many talented artists waste their time and talent on such films. I am beginning to believe that the people at Brain Damage pick up the films that Troma or EI Independent Cinema, have rejected or abandoned... If Brain Damage wants to prove me wrong, I say to them just contact me, it's not like Terror Hook hasn't tried to contact you.

As far as recommending Dead Life you ask? I wouldn't recommend it, unless it's your bedtime or something like that.

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