The Choke : Release Year - 2005

Overall Rating : 3/10

Directed By : Juan A. Mas

Brooke Bailey
Sean Cook
Bee Simonds
Robert Gerl

Supplied By : Velocity Home Entertainment

Film Reviewed By : Rick L. Blalock

Date Reviewed : Mar. 28, 2006


When news breaks that the lead singer of The Choke is going solo, their last gig promises to be packed with bad feelings... and murder. The band and their entourage mysteriously find themselves trapped in an old meat-packing plant that is now Club 905. But the tension turns into real panic when the body of a red-hot groupie turns up mutilated in a meat locker. Now the group recognizes that they are trapped with a vicious killer.
THE CHOKE, is a film that follows the story of a young punk band of the same name. When the band members get together for what some of the members know to be the band's last performance, tensions flare within the band, more so with the band's lead singer who is planning to go solo, thus being the reason for the band's break up. However the thoughts of fame and fortune are soon dashed, when bodies of the band members and fans alike begin to pile up within the club in which they were to play.

In the past few years there have been a couple "band slasher" movies to emerge from the dark clouds of B-movie territory and they have been cheesy and over the top, often not making any sense of themselves and THE CHOKE is no different. Basically what we have here is that the band shows up at the club to play, but there's one problem, their guitarist is a no show(wonder what happened to him...hmmm), the crowd inside the club is disgusted that they have taken so long and that the alcohol has ran out, so they begin filing out..... this leaves the band, the club owner and the girlfriends all alone. With their boredom filing the air much like the boredom this film gives you for the most part while watching, they begin to fight amongst themselves...because I guess there's nothing else better to do, Well for some unknown reason a killer is now stalking them in the old club and killing them off. This is another problem the film has because we never have any real back story, it is supposedly the band's last performance but how does the crowd and everyone else know this if not even the whole band is aware...leaving at least half of the movie pointless, with just a bunch of deaths thrown about.

I am usually a huge fan of films that are either written, directed or both by women, but it is a different story when it comes to THE CHOKE, the direction seems amateurish and it also bares the appearance of one of those kinds of films you'd see on late night cable, it compares to the film THE BACK LOT MURDERS, which just happens to be one of the previously said band oriented slashers.

Overall, i'd have to say with it's mediocre acting that you should come to expect anyway from this kind of film, and it's uneven story moments this is indeed a dull film. The film tries to redeem itself towards it's ending and it actually does start to peak, but by time it happens it has very little time left to rely on.
5/10 Even if the story is not so great, the film still has some ok effects, not to mention blood being splattered everywhere,
2/10 I guess they thought it'd be cool to pack the soundtrack with a bunch of Blink 182 sound-alikes but it just doesn't work for me.....not to mention we never even hear the band that's the focus of the film sing once in the whole movie.
This is another case in which a cover is created and it features something that has nothing to do with it's film, all for marketing purposes. This is clever and if I owned a distribution company i'd do the same, but as viewers this is just another less than stellar film to likely forget about.

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