Blood Slaughter Massacre : Release Year - 2013

Overall Rating : 2/10

Directed By : Manny Serrano

Matt W. Cody
Mike Roche
Byron M. Howard
Carmela Hayslett-Grillo (Roxsy Tyler's Carnival of Horrors)

Supplied By : Wild Eye Releasing

Film Reviewed By : Rick L. Blalock

Date Reviewed : June. 25, 2015


Ten years ago, the sleepy suburb of Havenwood was plagued by a string of unsolved murders, by a masked maniac remembered only as The Ripper. Now a new series of killings has begun, and teenagers are turning up dead everywhere. But can The Ripper be stopped this time around?
The film, BLOOD SLAUGHTER MASSACRE begins 10 years after the town of Havenwood was left in awe, after a masked, mass-murderer left numerous people dead at a costumed Birthday bash. Following the massacre, the town as well as James "Jim" Fincher, have tried to forget the ugly past and move on. But when it appears that the killer, who has since been coined the moniker, "The Ripper", Is back on the scene, and killing again, Havenwood is once again, put on high alert. Fincher, who was then only an Officer, when he narrowly escaped the killer the first time around, is now a Detective, and is put on the case, along with his partner, after several Havenwood residents turn up dead, bearing Satanic markings on their bodies. The mystery baffles the Police force, but after some investigative digging, it seems as though "The Ripper" has returned to do away with the relatives of those who may have somehow wronged him sometime ago.

During the process of figuring out which film that I would review for WILD EYE RELEASING next, I began to take note of things that had already been said online regarding BLOOD SLAUGHTER MASSACRE. In my reading, BLOOD SLAUGHTER MASSACRE, a film, which WILD EYE had recently sent me as part of a batch, seemed to be a fun little throwback to the heyday of the Slasher film. So, with that in mind, I was pretty sold. I went into the film with an open mind, expecting to be taken back to a time where masked killers in Horror films was pretty commonplace. Unfortunately, all things did not work out as well as I had hoped they would.

While I certainly can appreciate the fact that BLOOD SLAUGHTER MASSACRE is a film that pays homage to its past predecessors, I feel that imitation can only go so far. Yesterday in my review for another WILDEYE release, JONAH LIVES, I mentioned that sometimes, some films just get too caught up in their tribute or tributes to other films, compromising its own originality for overkill. BLOOD SLAUGHTER MASSACRE, is in fact, one of those type of films. Through out the film, there are various nods to other Horror films. Whether it be names of characters, or even occurrences which closely resemble scenes found in other films, it's all here. And that is all well and good. But after awhile, it just became too much. Sure there's an ELM STREET reference, as well as a nod to FRIDAY THE 13th's "Crazy Ralph", and the film's main protagonist James Fincher is even a Detective with baggage(alcoholism/and an estranged wife), ala HALLOWEEN'S Dr. Samuel Loomis. Even the film's score as well as the idea of occultism, can even even be viewed as the film being "too much" like the HALLOWEEN series. Again, tips of the cinematic hat are fine, but make the film your own. the end result is a film that is able to cram, many different things into one place, yet leaves no room for its most important priorities. What's left is a film that is at times difficult to follow. And as a film that runs about an hour and 53 minutes in length, it runs about 20 minutes too long. Had the film been trimmed down a little, there could have possibly been a better end result. However, as it stands, there are scenes that just run on too long, while others seem to exist just for the sole purpose of padding out the film, thus making it longer. The finished product is a bit exhausting to watch, especially seeing as BLOOD SLAUGHTER MASSACRE is never all that entertaining.

As a Horror fan, you probably already know that a Horror film can be a good film, no matter what its budget may be. Some indie, low budget filmmakers have done some incredible stuff over the years. So when I go into a film to review it, or just otherwise to watch it, a film's budget is rarely a pressing issue for me. The only thing is, that a film has to be able to keep my interest, and at times have me willing to suspend disbelief. In the case of BLOOD SLAUGHTER MASSACRE, there were just too many distractions which caused me to not enjoy the film. Playing out like one of the early shot-on-video efforts, BLOOD SLAUGHTER MASSACRE really takes on the look of its budget. This is fine, but at least try to keep things consistent. Through out the film, the lighting constantly changes. Either things are too brightly lit, not enough, or maybe a little too, dark. This is especially true when going from focused, to tight close up shots. The lighting is almost never the same. This is one thing that I could possibly overlook, had the film managed to keep my interest, but there were more scenes that annoyed, rather than entertained me.

In the end, I suppose that BLOOD SLAUGHTER MASSACRE is a film that has its heart in the right place, by honoring the Slasher genre by presenting itself as a throwback. But for me that is where it ends. Sure, it emulates the best of the genre many times over, here, but the idea takes up too much of the film's primary focus when it comes to being an overall coherent Horror film. Some of the little nods within the film seem to have been thrown in just for the sake of doing so, with no real focus as to how they relate to, and benefit the film as a whole. It all makes the film seem a little aimless as it struggles to make the audience believe the story, which it is trying to tell.
5/10 There are various bloody wounds trough out and things such as the removal of one's heart, etc. All done with several weapons that the film's killer wields. There is a good amount of gore to be seen here, albeit amateurish in appearance.
3/10 The film runs through several themes, and cues over the course of the film. Mostly sounding similar to the scores from the HALLOWEEN franchise. To its credit, however, there is the inclusion of a few '80s-souding Rock tracks that are pretty decent.
I really wanted to like BLOOD SLAUGHTER MASSACRE. As I mentioned, the reviews online, and even the trailer for the film itself, did enough to convince me that this could possibly end up being a fun film. Unfortunately I find myself opposing those other reviews, which seem to be mostly positive. Just being honest. I don't get. For me, the film just seemed to be a bunch of ideas from other films, hobbled together into one long-winded Slasher film, offering very little in terms of originality in return.


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