Blood Punch : Release Year - 2013

Overall Rating : 7/10

Directed By : Madellaine Paxson

Milo Cawthorne (Power Rangers R.P.M. (TV) )
Olivia Tennet (Power Rangers R.P.M. (TV) )
Ari Boyland (Power Rangers R.P.M. (TV) )
Fleur Saville

Supplied By : Midnight Releasing

Film Reviewed By : Rick L. Blalock

Date Reviewed : August. 31, 2015


A young man breaks out of rehab to follow a mysterious bad girl into an easy drug score. But when she lures him to an isolated cabin with her psychotic boyfriend, their simple love triangle quickly descends into a mind-blowing supernatural cycle of carnage and mayhem with no end...and no escape.
The story of BLOOD PUNCH begins when a young woman named, Skyler, an aspiring Meth dealer, goes on the hunt for someone to help in a drug plan, which she and her boyfriend Russell have cooked up. And what's a better place to find someone right for the job when the rehab clinic which she is assigned. It is at the rehabilitation center that she meets, Milton, a young man, who possesses the skill to be a promising chemist. However his plans were dashed when his self-made Meth lab was raided upon - thus landing him in court-mandated Rehab. With his skill, Skyler knows that he is right for the task. What's the task you ask? Only to make, and cook 85 pounds of grade-A Meth in a total of just 24 hours. Skyler and Russell have plans to strike it big, and while it appears as though the task might be a stretch - Milton is convinced that he can pull it off. With the plan set in motion, it isn't long before Russell shows up in is Police issued vehicle to spring both Skyler and Milton from rehab. From there they head to an old cabin in the woods, which has been in Russell's family for years. It is where the intend to make the drugs, the following day. But first they kick off with a night of partying. The next day does not begin well, as an altercation between Russell and Milton escalates, resulting in the death of Russell. Following, the event, Milton buries the body in a shallow grave. This should be the end of wild and crazy Russell, right? Well that is not the case, because this is where things get a little strange. Because in a bizarre turn of events, the next morning Milton wakes up, he is shocked to find that Russell is still very much alive and breathing. As any of us would, the first place that he goes to check is the freshly dug grave, which he had made the night before - and much to his surprise, Russell's body is still there. Yes, the body is still at the burial spot, but, there is still very much a Russell, whom is up walking around at the cabin as well. When Russell ends up being killed again, both Milton and Skyler bury the body. They both wake up again, only to find that the two of them are again back on square one. With Russell continuously living, and continuously dying, Milton and Skyler begin to believe that they are stuck within some kind of time labyrinth, in which the same day continuously repeats itself, over and over again, with seemingly no conclusion in site. With their minds especially geared to finding a solution to their ideal, they piece together the different facts of the episodes each time that they awake. With each of the discrepancies and differences gathered, they come to realize they are trapped inside, what an Indian tribe, called the Chocatoy, call a "Circle of Blood". It is something that, by the rules, starts with bloodshed, and ends only when all are dead, except for one sole survivor. This little detail, of course puts even more dysfunction into this already dysfunctional, budding love triangle, where the only way to happiness is by shedding the blood of the others.

Is Tuesday your favorite day of the week? Well, I sure hope it is, because in the film, BLOOD PUNCH, a film, which was written by, Eddie Guzelian, and directed by, Madellaine Paxson, that is the day that our characters must relive over and over again. BLOOD PUNCH is a film that starts off rather routinely. It starts off being about drugs, and three people who have hopes to score big with it money-wise. All drug dealers do, so it's nothing out of the ordinary. But where BLOOD PUNCH, gets really interesting and also unique, is when the film has its characters relive certain events during one day, over and over again on a continuous loop. If you are, wondering, yes, the setup, is basically the same one which was employed in the Bill Murray film, GROUNDHOG DAY, only with a Horror twist that is sometimes as humorous as it is bloody.

There is a lot of good to say about BLOOD PUNCH, as I first will start with the characters. All of the characters found here are fun, and some a little exaggerated, however, most of the film rests on just three characters; Milton, Skyler, and Russell. It really is a good thing that they are able to keep our interest. And they do. Personally, I felt that the all three of the film's leads were bright, and full of personality, making it easy for us to watch them. Accompanying these characters is also a nice level of humor throughout. BLOOD PUNCH, is one that I guess one would call a Horror Comedy, but personally, I would also pin it as being a "dark" Comedy. Because with the Comedy, also comes a lot of blood. The funniest running gag in the film is of course the multiple deaths of poor Russell. Russell is a little bit of a high-strung asshole, and so he dies, each day as it repeats. While some things do change with each repeat, the one thing that remains almost constant throughout, is the fact that Russell dies - and then they bury him. It's just funny to see. Ricard dies in a multitude of ways. Whether it be by; crossbow, gunshot wounds, or a slit throat - the point being that no matter what, Russell still "bites the bullet", as they say. As I said, it is a running gag, which just gets even more funny as Russell's bodies begin piling up. With this, a good part of the film is about its humor, and the fun aspect, however there are things with in the script that gets you thinking. This comes to form when the characters begin to delve into Native American myth, and how, according to legend, there have been times, which days have repeated for years on-end, and that such an occurrence tends to happen, in and around war, and where blood is spilled. The film does manage to get you thinking about the possibilities of such happening, which again, keeps you interested in the story, and how this relates to the characters at hand. But while it does manage to keep one interested, it doesn't always manage to stay on the "up and up", if you will. Toward the end, I felt that it sort of lost some of that momentum that it had built up during its initial half, as the whole idea started to run a little thin. While I was very interested in the film earlier on, by the end, I had got a little bored, as the film worked toward its conclusion. This, along with an obvious and predictable, "there is no end" type of ending, I suppose, would be my only major complaint about BLOOD PUNCH.

Overall, I liked BLOOD PUNCH, a film that is both fun and unique, as it delivers some rather funny events, which land its characters in some predicaments, that you, may, or may not see coming.
5/10 A severed ear, multiple gunshot wounds, a slit throat, a leg caught in a bear trap, an arrow through the hand and more.
4.5/10 BLOOD PUNCH's score mostly consists of suspenseful tones and atmospere, however, also featured is some indie Pop.
BLOOD PUNCH is an indie Horror that dares to take on what I call the "Groundhog effect", as it also blends in some Comedy elements. With this idea in mind, I felt that it did very well for itself. It's fun all around, and its characters are lively and enjoyable to watch. The three main cast members; Milo Cawthorne ("Milton"), Olivia Tennet ("Skyler"), and Ari Boyland ("Russell"), all do well in their parts, which makes the film easily enjoyable. I must say that It was pretty funny when, with each repeated day, Russell would utter the same lines about how wonderful the morning was, or what he likes for breakfast. It's funny because you know you're going to hear again, and with anticipation it's funny, almost every time. Boyland's, performance was especially good in my opinion as he really brought the hyper and crazy Russell to life here. In the end, BLOOD PUNCH ended up being a pretty fun film. It isn't always great, but with all things considered, there is a lot to be enjoyed here.

This film will be released on DVD and Video on Demand on September 1, 2015


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